Questions about your IELTS results

If you did not receive the score you expected, you can apply for your test to be re-marked. This is called an Enquiry on Results (EOR). You must make the request at the centre where you have taken the IELTS test.

If you would like to make an Enquiry on Results, you need to lodge your request no later than six weeks after the test date, otherwise, the request will not be accepted.

You can choose to have one or more parts of your test re-marked. The fee is the same regardless.  You will be required to submit your original TRF with the request form.

You will have to pay AED 550.00 for an Enquiry on Results. This fee will be refunded if your score is increased for any part of the test. The Enquiry on Results will be processed within six to eight weeks. You will receive a letter via email confirming your final score from your test centre after this time.

In the event that there is a change to your IELTS results due to Enquiry on Results, you will be issued a new TRF.  If there is no change to your results, your original TRF will be returned to you.

For more information on how to request an EOR, please contact

Download the application here IELTS Enquiry on Results Form_CES